Review: Dracula Untold

Director: Gary Shore
Cast: Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper, Sarah Gadon, Charles Dance

Much in keeping with the trend of the last decade to pump new life into old stories by going backwards in time and exploring their origins, Dracula Untold is the unfolding of a creation myth. We follow the journey of Vlad the Impaler (Luke Evans) through the eyes of his son Ingeras (Art Parkinson) starting with his tragic backstory before covering the love he carries for his family and people, and his determination to protect them from the advancing Turkish forces threatening to destroy them.

Director Gary Shore raises this above classic fantasy blockbuster fare with dramatic visual stylisation lending an air of melancholy sophistication, an effort somewhat countered by the appearance of Dominic Cooper as Mehmet coated in a TOWIE-level of fake tan. If further enticement is needed, Charles Dance features as ‘Master Vampire’, a cave dwelling immortal with a freaky tongue. It cannot be avoided as an absolute fact that Dracula Untold is non-stop ridiculous from beginning to end, a whirl of boobs and pecs and gory stabbings just about hanging together on the strings of a storyline. If you’re looking for historical accuracy or a structurally sound thought-provoking plot, leave now. If you’re looking for 92 minutes of pure nonsensical entertainment, I would advise you to stay.

Originally published in Crack Magazine

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